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Summertime offers opportunities and challenges for all parents. For parents of children with special needs, both may seem magnified. Here are […]
Planning Fun Summer Activities for Children with Autism
In this episode, we reconnect with our previous guest, Matt Fuller as we discuss the reception of his documentary about […]
Autism in Love – The Story of Adults with Autism in the Pursuit of Love
By Chisato Komatsu, PhD, BCBA-D When you have decided on a provider for ABA services, one of the first things […]
The Value of an Assessment after an Autism Diagnosis
For a child, afternoon and weekend hours can be an ideal time for a little adventure or bonding with a […]
Creating Successful Play Dates
By Andrea Ridgway, Ph.D., BCBA-D When reading a recent article entitled, “The Controversy Over Autism’s Most Common Therapy” published on […]
A Response to “The Controversy Over Autism’s Most Common Therapy”
ASLA’s Camp Navin – Summer Camp for Adults with Autism
By Hanna C. Rue, Ph.D., BCBA-D What is evidence-based practice? By now, many people have heard of the term “evidence-based […]
Evidence-based Practice and Autism
Summertime offers opportunities and challenges for all parents. For parents of children with special needs, both may seem magnified. Here are […]
Scheduling Summer Activities for Kids with Autism
April marks Autism Awareness Month and as we contemplate the meaning of this time, we are reminded of a quote […]
Every Child Deserves a Champion
As we look back on 15 years of serving the autism community, we are filled with gratitude for the countless […]
Celebrating 15 Years!
We are happy to re-share this blog from last year that received so much wonderful feedback. We wish for everyone a […]
A New Year to Make Progress
By Kelly Namanja Selecting suitable toys for a child’s holiday or birthday gifts can be challenging, especially when the recipient […]
Holiday Gift Guide for Children with Autism
Podcast: Securing Autism Treatment With Medi-Cal & Medicaid
Each holiday brings a certain magic and wonder.  When you have a child with special needs, it can also bring […]
Every Parent Should Read This Before Halloween
The school year is now in full swing. The once-new backpacks may already be showing signs of distress from their […]
Tips for Making Homework Easier
BE SAFE, Safety and Rights Education for Individuals with Autism
  Medi-Cal will now cover the cost of ABA therapy for families who previously couldn’t afford it or were paying for […]
AST to Expand Access to High Quality Autism Services in South Central Los Angeles Through New Medi-Cal Program
Emerging Technology for Kids with Autism – Chrisopher Flint
Getting ready for the new school year can be a hectic and exciting time. For children with autism (and their […]
Reducing Back to School Anxiety
  Summer is officially here and along with the joy of concluding another school year, comes the challenge of navigating […]
Planning a Fun and Safe Summer for Kids with Autism
We want to take a moment to acknowledge the many extraordinary fathers we see in the autism community.  Moms have […]
Autism Dads – We See You!
Making My Way To Independence – Nick Brode
There was a story in the news this week about twin siblings sharing the stage during their High School graduation […]
Graduation Moments
We are thrilled to welcome Temple Grandin back to our show to discuss the parenting methods that supported her success […]
Podcast: Temple Grandin on Parenting Kids with Autism
This Mother’s Day we are not offering any strategies, there will be no advice or checklists. On this day, we […]
A Mother’s Day Card to Special Needs Moms
As the saying goes, “If you have met one person with autism, you have met ONE person with autism”.  If […]
Autism Awareness Continues
Play dates are a great way to help your child practice social skills, play skills, and communication skills with peers […]
Creating Successful Play Dates for Kids with Autism