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Our blog brings you the latest fully-vetted and expert-approved information about bringing up your child with autism—and pursuing a career in the fast-growing, evolving field of ABA. Want to share a story or submit an idea for a blog? Reach out to us.

The Benefits of Summer Social Skills Programs for Kids with Autism
Enroll your child in a summer social skills program to prevent regression and reinforce learning, ensuring a smooth transition back to school.
The Benefits of Summer Social Skills Programs for Kids with Autism
Discover how LEARN Behavioral advances autism services through public policy advocacy to create a more equitable society for kids with autism and their families.
Advancing Autism Services: Our Commitment to Public Policy
Discover the seven versatile skills you’ll gain as a behavior technician in the field of autism. From adaptability to problem-solving and effective communication, these skills will set you up for success in any industry.
7 Versatile Skills You’ll Gain as a Behavior Technician
Embrace clinical integrity with LEARN Behavioral in ABA. Creating meaningful change in client lives through honesty, evidence-based practices, and leadership.
Upholding Clinical Integrity: A Cornerstone for Leadership and Clinical Practice at LEARN Behavioral
5 Benefits of Early Intervention for Autism
Discover the transformative power of early intervention for children with autism, and learn how it can improve socialization, communication, behavior, academic success, and family dynamics.
5 Benefits of Early Intervention for Autism
Discover the importance of consistent ABA therapy for children with autism. Routines provide structure, predictability, and stability, aiding in learning and reducing anxiety.
The Importance of Sticking to Consistent ABA Therapy
Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Children Hanging Out With Friends In
Date Revised: August 29, 2023 Parents and caregivers of children with autism often worry about them making friends. This is […]
Five Steps to Help Your Child with Autism Make Friends
Discover the benefits of the partnership between your child’s ABA provider and school. Learn how collaboration, consistency, and goal-setting contribute to their success.
Understanding Your ABA Provider’s Partnership with Schools
summer break building essential skills
Maximize your child’s summer break by building essential skills. Try these strategies to foster growth, social interaction, and to prevent “summer slide” in children with autism.
Making the Most of Summer Break by Building Essential Skills
assent practice for children with autism
Discover a fresh approach to autism therapy. Assent-based practice empowers children, builds trust, and promotes autonomy. Learn how this method is transforming lives.
A Fresh Approach: Empowering Children with Autism
Discover how to plan a successful vacation for your child with autism. Autism-friendly destinations can make your trip fun for the whole family.
5 Tips for Planning a Successful Vacation for Your Autistic Child
Parent Playing a Simple and Fun Imaginary Play with Child
Make the most of your child’s summer break with these five imaginative play ideas. Learn how to create consistency and structure in your routine while promoting creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills.
5 Simple and Fun Imaginary Play Ideas for Kids with Autism this Summer
Get answers to your contemporary ABA therapy FAQs. LEARN’s individualized, person-centered services integrate neurodiversity and prioritize your child’s unique needs.
Q&A About ABA Therapy for Children with Autism
LEARN Behavioral’s BT Training program focuses on evidence-based practices & individualized training for exceptional ABA services for autistic kids.
LEARN’s Behavior Technician Training: Our Commitment to Excellence
For decades, women have played a crucial role in diagnosing, understanding, and treating autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As ASD becomes […]
Celebrating Women in Autism this International Women’s Day
Learn about the importance of incorporating your child’s native language in applied behavior analysis for optimal communication and engagement.
5 Tips for Navigating Autism Treatment for Your Multilingual Child
Make Valentine’s Day special this year for your child with autism with these tips on how to express love to themselves, friends, and family members.
3 Tips for Making Valentine’s Day Special for Your Autistic Child
There’s a myth that autistics have more trouble communicating than neurotypicals and lack empathy. How does the Double Empathy Problem bust this myth?
Myth: Autistic People Lack Empathy
By Karen Callahan While no one can argue with the fun of traditional activities, such as building snowmen or snow […]
7 Tips for Snow Day Fun
Holidays can be stressful for kids with autism. Follow these best tips and practices before, during, and after the holidays for a successful holiday season.
8 Tips for Planning for a Successful Holiday for Your Autistic Child
Wisconsin Early Autism Project and ASGW held vaccine clinics that provided autistic kids a positive experience while receiving their COVID-19 vaccines.
LEARN’s Kerry Hoops Uses Assent-Based Practice to Make COVID-19 Vaccination Comfortable for Kids with Autism
Buying the perfect gift for kids and other loved ones can be challenging, and this can also be true when […]
Five Tips for Selecting the Best Holiday Gifts for Kids with Autism
LEARN is committed to fostering a culture that embraces what makes us each unique—be it race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual […]
Structural Racism and its Impact on ABA: Disparities in Diagnosis and Treatment
By Katherine Johnson. M.S., BCBA Senior Director of Partnerships, LEARN Behavioral Are you working to become a better ally to […]
Allyship Tips for Neurotypical Friends of the Autistic Community
The following is an interview published by Chicago Parent with LEARN Behavioral Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Hanna Rue, Ph.D., BCBA-D. […]
Help Your Child Build Friendships With Kids With Autism
Heading back to school can bring a number of challenges for our kids, especially those with autism. Navigating new environments, […]
Back to School: Homework Tips
Getting ready for the new school year can be a hectic and exciting time. Transitioning from the extra playtime and […]
Tips for Reducing Back to School Anxiety