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Teaming Up to Give Our Clients an Advantage

Too often, ABA providers worked in silos. Often removed from the evolving research, individual BCBAs hold the weight of the world on their shoulders, attempting to manage scheduling; health insurance benefits and claims; hiring, training, and supervising behavior technicians—a HUGE amount of responsibility that interfered with their ability to help kids and families.

So, we asked ourselves: Can we do better? What if we pooled resources and teamed up to remove some of the workload, while providing training and professional development opportunities that not only kept clinicians engaged but also allowed them to collaborate with a community of intellectually curious and devoted practitioners at the forefront of their field? What if we brought together talented clinical leaders from across the country with different perspectives and experiences to share clinical best practices and insights? What if we continuously look for ways to deliver better clinical services to our clients and better support to our clinicians?

The result is the LEARN Behavioral we know today, a collective group of professionals committed to providing the best treatment possible. Made up of some of the most established autism treatment providers in the country, our collective team includes Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST), the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP), Behavioral Concepts (BCI), and others. We offer your child and family the community, convenience, and familiarity of local services, with the advantages of a national organization leading the way in autism treatment—and helping kids make progress every day.

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Mission: To find success for every child with autism in our care.

Vision: To be the most admired organization providing contemporary, compassionate, and collaborative care to communities from coast-to-coast.

Values: Partnership, Integrity, Curiosity, Client-Centered, Excellence.