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There is no simple answer to this question. Many factors impact the decision regarding the duration of an ABA (Applied […]
How Long Will My Child Be in ABA?
Welcome to our All Autism News series! Whether you’re a parent, advocate, professional in the field or individual with autism, All […]
November Digest
Aggressive behavior is something that parents of children with autism or emotional disabilities are often confronted with on a regular […]
Addressing Aggressive Behaviors in Children
When a child is diagnosed with autism, parents become charged with finding quality treatment – and the evidence-based recommendation is […]
The Benefits of ABA in Dual Environments
As we’ve mentioned before, communication, in general, is complex. So, for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), any improvements […]
Games and Activities to Practice Social Skills at Home
We are happy to re-share this blog from a previous year that received so much wonderful feedback. We wish everyone a […]
A New Year to Make Progress 2019
Potty training, toilet training, toileting… whichever term you use, tackling these skills can be a big deal for kids and […]
Successful Toilet Training for Kids with Autism
Buying the perfect gift for kids and other loved ones can be challenging, and this can also be true when […]
How to Select Appropriate Gifts for Kids with Special Needs
The holidays are quickly approaching, which means family, festivities, and food! While the holidays can be fun for the whole […]
Preparing for Holiday Meals
Halloween can sometimes be a little scary for parents and kids, and not just because of ghouls or goblins. Between […]
Autism & Trick-or-Treating
In Tucson, Arizona many of our kids are heading into their Fall Break.  Your child’s breaks may come at different […]
How to Plan for the Upcoming School Breaks
As fall approaches, we get excited by the prospect of cool weather, warmly colored trees and the festivities that come […]
Halloween Costumes for Kids with Autism
The Outcome of your IEP process relies on you… One of the most important discussions parents can have with their […]
10 Tips for Navigating the IEPs
The following is based on a conversation Ronit Molko, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Dr. Evian Gordon, Chairman and CEO of Brain […]
Brain Plasticity & Early Intervention
Feeding is part of our daily life. Most people eat at least three times per day and mealtime is typically […]
Beyond Picky Eating – Addressing Your Child’s Feeding Issues
On April 27, 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new report on the prevalence of […]
Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder – What you should know
I’ve been thinking about what has my team all abuzz every year leading up to the excitement of going to […]
What is it About CalABA?
Halloween is just a few short weeks away.  As we prepare for the decorations and fun activities to come, now […]
Halloween Tips for Parents of Kids with Autism
All children wander away from caregivers at some point in time. It can happen in the aisles of a store, […]
Wandering Safety
Summertime offers opportunities and challenges for all parents. For parents of children with special needs, both may seem magnified. Here are […]
Planning Fun Summer Activities for Children with Autism
In this episode, we reconnect with our previous guest, Matt Fuller as we discuss the reception of his documentary about […]
Autism in Love – The Story of Adults with Autism in the Pursuit of Love
By Chisato Komatsu, PhD, BCBA-D When you have decided on a provider for ABA services, one of the first things […]
The Value of an Assessment after an Autism Diagnosis
For a child, afternoon and weekend hours can be an ideal time for a little adventure or bonding with a […]
Creating Successful Play Dates
By Andrea Ridgway, Ph.D., BCBA-D When reading a recent article entitled, “The Controversy Over Autism’s Most Common Therapy” published on […]
A Response to “The Controversy Over Autism’s Most Common Therapy”
ASLA’s Camp Navin – Summer Camp for Adults with Autism
By Hanna C. Rue, Ph.D., BCBA-D What is evidence-based practice? By now, many people have heard of the term “evidence-based […]
Evidence-based Practice and Autism
Summertime offers opportunities and challenges for all parents. For parents of children with special needs, both may seem magnified. Here are […]
Scheduling Summer Activities for Kids with Autism