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Little kids at a Halloween party
Halloween tips for kids with autism spectrum disorders There’s a lot about Halloween that can be tricky for kids on […]
How to Make Halloween a Treat for Kids with ASD
Back To School. Cute Little School Girls Sitting On Bench In Sch
By Ashley Williams, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA Senior Clinical Director, BCI Does your child only eat one brand of chicken nuggets […]
Autism and Picky Eating: Help Your Child Build Healthy Eating Habits
African Happy Woman In Wireless Headphones Leaning On The Brick
In a year when the pandemic kept many families at home and on their screens, many Americans turned to podcasts to […]
10 Top-Performing Podcast Episodes About Autism
Cute Little Asian 5 Years Old Boy Child Having Fun Playing With
by Katherine Johnson. M.S., BCBA Senior Director of Partnerships, LEARN Behavioral The first child I ever worked with wanted nothing […]
Reframing Your Child’s Intense Interests as a Strength
Passionate about improving the lives of kids with autism and their families, Angela Parker works as a board certified behavior […]
Spotlight on Diversity in ABA: An Interview with Angela Parker
Paint brush in clay jug and oil painting  background texture. Pa
Dana Trick is on the cusp of the Millennial generation and Gen Z. She feels in between when it comes […]
An Outsider’s Path to Feeling Embraced as a Hispanic-American-Autistic
Laura Social Image
When Laura Brompton’s son, Bertie, was a toddler going through the assessment and diagnosis process for autism spectrum disorder, she […]
How to Manage a Career, While Raising a Child with Autism
Looking for an entry-level yet meaningful and growth-oriented job? Like many, you may not know about the growing field of […]
9 Types of People Who Should Apply for an Entry-Level ABA Job
by Katherine Johnson, M.S., BCBA Senior Director of Partnerships, LEARN Behavioral Building a strong relationship with your child’s teacher can […]
This School Year, Build a Trusting Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher
Primary School Pupil. Boy And Girl With Backpacks Walking Down S
by Michelle Mannella, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA Behavior Analyst, LEARN/SPARKS Wow, it’s finally here! Some of us thought this moment would […]
10 Tips to Transition Kids with Autism Back to In-Person School
Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Children Hanging Out With Friends In
by Shelby Morain, M.A., BCBA, LBA Board Certified Behavior Analyst, LEARN/Autism Spectrum Therapies Plenty of parents and caregivers of kids […]
Five Steps to Help Your Child with Autism Make Friends
High Angle Portrait Of Teenage African-american Boy Wearing Head
by Brittany Barger, M.Ed., BCBA Behavior Consultant, Autism Spectrum Therapies Summer can mean outdoor activities and family vacations, but it […]
How to Handle Screen Time with Your Child with Autism
Happy Young Child Floating In Swimming Pool
By Ashley Williams, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA Many children with autism are drawn to water for its calming, sensory experience. In […]
Why Swimming and Water Play Benefit Kids with ASD
Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 2.25.51 PM
Blaring lights, screeching sirens, looming strangers with shiny badges—encounters with police can bring an overload of sensory experiences, making it […]
Six Steps to Prepare Your Child with Autism to Interact with Police
Laughing African girl holds stick with smores
by Ronit Molko, Ph.D., BCBA-D Strategic Advisor, LEARN Behavioral What a difference a year can make. Last June, most parents […]
How to Keep Your Child with Autism Engaged This Summer
Happy Dad Teaching Two Cute Preschooler Kids To Bake
Many kids with autism love to cook and bake, especially tasty treats. For the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, we’re […]
Easy Healthy—and Tasty—Treats to Make with Your Kids on the Fourth of July
Giovanna “G” Bosco (she/they), a training tech at LEARN Behavioral and AST’s Mandeville, Louisiana, location, spends the bulk of their […]
Spotlight on Diversity in ABA: An Interview with Giovanna “G” Bosco
Mother Applying Sunscreen Protection Creme On Cute Little Toddle
by Katherine Johnson, M.S., BCBA Senior Director of Partnerships, LEARN Behavioral Families everywhere are chucking backpacks and school shoes to […]
Sensory Processing Issues and Summer: Sand, Sweat, Fireworks … Oh, My!
Ever heard of the job behavior technician? If you like working with kids and families—and making a difference in their […]
What in the World Is a Behavior Tech?
Steve Olson and Family
Steve Olson’s day once started with an hour-long commute through the traffic-laden corridors of Silicon Valley, followed by long, intense […]
One Dad’s Story: Giving Back Helped My Family Heal
Cute Happy Little Boy In Goggles Swimming
As the summer heat settles in, many families head to pools, beaches grow crowded, and our time spent near water […]
5 Steps to Swim Safety for Your Child with Autism
Funny Little Boy With His Father Watering Plants And Playing Wit
by Elizabeth Jeffrey-Arceneaux, M.S., BCBA Autism Spectrum Therapies (AST), Louisiana With summer fast approaching, the increased time for preferred activities […]
Transitioning to Summer: 5 Tips to Make It a Success

Teaching Progressive Muscle Relaxation to children with autism. Presented by Behavior Analyst Katherine Johnson, BCBA.

Autism Help at Home: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Beautiful Hands Of Parent And Child Outdoors In The Park
by Ronit Molko, Ph.D., BCBA-D Strategic Advisor, LEARN Behavioral If the last 16 months have taught us anything, it’s that […]
Easing Your Child Back Into Life Post-Pandemic
by Katherine Johnson, M.S., BCBA Senior Director of Partnerships, LEARN Behavioral Parenting can be stressful, and research shows that parents […]
How Parents and Caregivers of Kids with Autism Cope with Stress
Christian Tsetsos works as an insurance authorization coordinator for the head office of LEARN’s Behavioral Concepts (BCI) in Worcester, Massachusetts, […]
Christian Tsetsos Shares Stories from His Life on the Spectrum
Mother Spends Time With Her Little Son At Nature Park. Mom Point
by Ronit Molko, Ph.D., BCBA-D Strategic Advisor, LEARN Behavioral Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is widely considered by many professionals and […]
Understanding the Evolution of ABA