A Mother’s Day Card to Special Needs Moms

This Mother’s Day we are not offering any strategies, there will be no advice or checklists. On this day, we honor the best possible expert on what your child needs…YOU.

We feel truly privileged to partner with you moms (and dads and grandparents and caregivers)every day to support your family’s success. In many cases, you welcome us into your home several times a week as we share in the joys, challenges and triumphant moments of daily life with a special needs child.

Much like your children, every mom is also unique. Still, we have noticed a prevalence of common traits we want to acknowledge.

You are strong
Even in your most vulnerable and trying moments, you find the strength to get up, move forward and ask “What’s next?”

You are perceptive and intuitive
You communicate with your child in ways that often transcend language, and you make hundreds of decisions each day about activities, food and environments that help steady the course for your child’s day.

You are brave
You own your authority and are your child’s champion, advocating for their needs and rights.

You are present
Not only do you work hard every day to support your child, you know the magic of accomplishing a goal that at one time seemed so distant. You celebrate these wins with a joy that may never truly be experienced by other moms.

You are hero
Though you may not like this title, you are admired and respected by friends and family. You inspire us.

For these reasons and many more, we celebrate you. We hope you will take some time this weekend to receive the love and gratitude of those around you, and know that who you are makes a difference in the world every day.

Happy Mother’s Day!