The Maryland Autism Waiver Program: What to Expect

If you’re a Maryland parent of a child with autism, you may be familiar with the state’s Autism Waiver program. The program provides therapy and support to people with autism at home and in the community. It promotes independent living skills and overall well-being.

For years, the program has had a long waitlist. The “End the Wait Act,” a new law, will change that by cutting the waitlist for autism services in half.

That’s where Trellis comes in. We’re a full-service provider that covers everything to do with autism services. We started as an autism waiver provider in 2001 and have grown to be the largest provider in Maryland today.

We provide services for more than 170 families across 10 counties. And our roster of about 250 employees is growing to meet the demand.

Understanding the Waiting List for the Maryland Autism Waiver Program

Maryland created the Autism Waiver waiting list to prioritize families who needed services the most. The registry has grown to almost 7,000 kids.

You may be among the thousands of families eagerly waiting for your turn to receive services. Being on the waiting list does not imply a lack of eligibility or importance. But it does signify the high demand for these services and the need for careful allocation.

The “End the Wait” legislation should speed up the approval process. You will receive a letter from the state saying when you can leave the waitlist and apply for services. Once you have met the eligibility criteria, your child will be able to begin accessing services.

Hope on the Horizon: Senate Bill 636

While the wait can be frustrating, it’s crucial to remain patient and persistent. The “End the Wait Act” (Senate Bill 636) offers hope. It signals a commitment from the state to reduce the waiting list for services by 50 percent.

As a parent, it’s natural to feel frustrated and anxious while waiting for your child to receive the autism waiver services. Staying informed can help you navigate this waiting period with resilience and hope, though. Remember, you are doing your best to care for your child. The Autism Waiver program is here to assist you, and Trellis can help you through it. Together, we can help make your transition to our services easier.