The above quote is from our most recent guest on Autism Spectrum Radio, Jennifer O’Toole, founder of Asperkids.  Jennifer made a return to the show last week and we can’t stop smiling about it.

Jennifer’s outlook is smart, creative and funny!  She says that she takes being, raising, teaching and loving folks on the autism spectrum very seriously. She does not take herself too seriously.  We always enjoy her great insights and perspective on mothering children on the spectrum and navigating life as an “Aspie”.

“Autism isn’t usually thought of as funny.  And you know what? It isn’t always funny. Sometimes it can be crazy-making. Isolating. Scary.  But that’s really true of any life…if you’re not hanging out with the right kind of friends.”

We had a great discussion about the fact that regardless of your diagnosis, we all make choices everyday.  We want to prepare our kids to make the best possible choices they can.

You have to stay alert in a conversation with Jennifer because she is a passionate person with a lot to say!  She shared several great stories, including how she uses ordinary stuff around the house to do extraordinarily cool, engaging and fun activities that present abstract concepts like: “Have To Dos” vs “Want To Dos”.

Click here to learn how Jennifer used simple marbles to teach her daughter about how the Parthenon was built and also the effects of being too rigid in new environments.

One more bit of wisdom from the Asperkids website-  “Life is short: use more glitter.”

Jennifer O’Toole is the founder of Asperkids, an award-winning author, the mother of three kids on the spectrum and a self described “Aspie”.  Find out more at asperkids.com.

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