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In this episode, we talk with psychologist and author, Dr. Ronit Molko to explore recent research into girls with autism and how our approach to diagnosis and treatment needs to evolve.

Girls and Autism: Diagnosis, Treatment, and New Research with Dr. Ronit Molko

In this episode we talk with the President of the Autism Society of America, Christopher Banks about their organization’s shift from “Autism Awareness Month” to “Autism Acceptance Month”.

Autism Acceptance Month with the Autism Society’s President Christopher Banks

In this episode we talk with Research Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Department of Psychology at the University of Washington, Dr. Annette Estes about her research about sleep issues in children with autism.

New Research on Sleep Issues in Autism with Dr. Annette Estes

In this episode we talk with Dr. Ira Cohen, former Research Scientist and former Chair of Psychology, New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities (IBR) and David Fuscus, Spokesperson for the NCAAS.

Critical Autism Services for Military Families in Jeopardy

In this episode we talk with Child Clinical Psychologist and Author, Dr. Lindsey Sterling, about her book The Social Survival Guide For Teens on the Autism Spectrum.

The Social Survival Guide for Teens on the Autism Spectrum with Lindsey Sterling

In this episode we bring back Adrienne Bradley, President of BABA to talk about their latest initiatives and the Upcoming BABA Conference in June.

BABA Initiatives and Their Upcoming Conference with President, Adrienne Bradley

In this episode we talk with the President and Founder of Progettoautismo, Elena Bulfone, about her foundation and her program dedicated to teaching medical workers how to treat patients with autism.

Autism Services in Italy with Founder of Progettoautismo, Elena Bulfone

In this episode we talk with Dr. Barry Prizant who has over 50 years of experience as a researcher and consultant for individuals with autism and their families about the SCERTS model, his theatre project, and his book Uniquely Human.

Using Theatre as a Teaching Tool for Individuals with Autism with Barry Prizant

In this episode we talk with researchers at Western Michigan University, Rebecca Eldridge & Stephanie Peterson, about their research on Functional Analysis and Self Determination.

Functional Analysis and Self Determination with Dr. Eldridge and Dr. Peterson

In this episode we talk with professor of psychology and psychiatry and director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, Simon Baron-Cohen, about his book Pattern Seekers: How Autism Drives Human Invention.

How Autism Drives Human Invention with Simon Baron-Cohen

In this episode we talk with the Director of Ethics at the BACB, Dr. Tyra Sellers, and Licensed Psychologist, Linda LeBlanc about their book about supervision and why it’s important in the services we provide our clients and why it’s important in ABA.

Quality Mentorship and Supervision in ABA with Tyra Sellers and Linda LeBlanc

In this episode we talk with the Clinical Psychologist and Author, Dr. Albert Knapp about the importance of using accessible language when educating parents & caregivers about the science of behavior analysis.

Using Accessible Language When Educating Parents with Dr. Albert Knapp

In this episode we talk with Adrienne Bradley, President of BABA about how race impacts the ABA Community and what her organization is doing to fulfill their mission to promote, educate, empower, and disseminate ABA within the black community.

Race and How it Impacts ABA and Our Community with Adrienne Bradley

In this episode we talk with Dr. Debra Berry Malmberg, a licensed psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Associate Professor at CSUN about what it takes to become a Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

What it Takes to Become a Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with Dr. Malmberg

In this episode we talk with Dave Bisbee, Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with nearly thirty years of experience in the energy industry working with commercial, residential, and public-sector customers about their research into Circadian Lighting.

How Lighting Can Affect Your Circadian Rhythm with Dave Bisbee

In this episode we talk with author and distinguished University Professor of Psychology at the USF St. Petersburg, V. Mark Durand about their research into Optimistic Parenting.

Optimistic Parenting and How it Can Help Your Family with V. Mark Durand

In this episode we talk with the Cofounder and CEO of Alpine Learning Group, Dr. Bridget A. Taylor about her research in compassionate care, active listening and the role it plays in supporting our families and ourselves.

Compassionate Care and the Role it Plays in Supporting Families with Dr. Taylor

In this episode we talk with behavior analyst and autism treatment advocate Behaviorbabe (Dr. Amanda Kelly) about her career and her advocacy to increase access to autism services in Hawaii.

Transformation and Advocacy for Autism Treatment with Behaviorbabe, Dr. Kelly

In this episode we talk to autism advocate and author Ido Kedar about his life and latest book, In Two Worlds.

In Two Worlds by Ido Kedar, Author with Nonspeaking Autism

Katherine Johnson, BCBA is back to share how you can implement a token system in your home.

Token Systems and How You Can Be Using Them In Your Home

In this episode we talk to Evelia Ilarraz, a bilingual and bicultural Licensed Clinical Social Worker about addressing your own mental health.

Addressing Mental Health For Parents of Children with Special Needs

In this episode we talk to researchers, Matthew O’Brien, Ph.D., BCBA-D & Dr. Kelly Schieltz to take a longer view at the utilization, benefits, and applications of Telehealth.

Taking a Deeper Dive into Telehealth Research with Kelly Schieltz & Matt O’Brien

In this episode we talk with Tina Patterson, BCBA – The Clinician with a Mission and take a closer look at what your child’s individualized program could look like.

Taking a Closer Look at Your Child’s ABA Program with Tina Patterson, BCBA

Laura Charin, M.Ed, BCBA joins us to discuss overcoming challenges and having success using teleABA(Telehealth).

Making Your Child’s Telehealth Sessions Successful with Laura Charin, M.Ed, BCBA

Katherine Johnson, BCBA joins us again to discuss managing your child’s stress & anxiety during COVID-19.

How to Manage Your Child’s Stress & Anxiety During COVID-19

In this episode we talk to researchers, Jonathan Tarbox, PhD, BCBA-D & Dr. RuthAnne Rehfeldt about their latest book, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training, Observational Training, and more.

ABA of Language Cognition with Jonathan Tarbox and RuthAnne Rehfeldt

Katherine Johnson, BCBA joins us again to discuss incidental teaching in the daily routines of families with autism and other disabilities.

Incidental Teaching Opportunities in the Daily Routines of Your Family