Girls and Autism: Diagnosis, Treatment, and New Research with Dr. Ronit Molko

Dr. Ronit Molko acts as an advisor to investors, service providers, clinical organizations, and communities, providing cutting-edge insights into the rapidly expanding field of behavioral healthcare. Dr. Molko helps leaders and delivery teams understand current trends and best practices, navigate complex care intersections, design innovative solutions, and identify and pursue intelligent behavioral health investment opportunities. Dr. Molko also serves on numerous nonprofit and for-profit boards.

In 2001, Dr. Molko co-founded Autism Spectrum Therapies ( acquired by Learn Behavioral in 2016). As CEO, Dr. Molko established the company as a national provider of services for children with autism and other special needs.

Dr. Molko also co-founded the Autism Investor Summit, an annual conference that brings together stakeholders in autism and behavioral health services to advance services and enhance outcomes for businesses and consumers alike.

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