Graduation Moments

There was a story in the news this week about twin siblings sharing the stage during their High School graduation ceremony.  Aly, the sister shares her elation about her long held dream to escort her brother Anders, who has autism across the stage at graduation.  Aly goes on to share how at each stage of growing up with Anders, she found ways to support and include her twin.  In grade school, she had an “Ask Aly” box on her desk and encouraged her classmates to ask questions about her brother, whom she was so proud of.

There are so many touching elements to this family’s story, and it made us think of the many victorious moments we get to witness with our families. Precious moments like seeing a child communicate with their parent, give a first hug, or succeed in their classroom.  We wonder if living and working in the autism community creates a greater appreciation for these moments of accomplishment in a child’s life.  It is truly inspiring.

Whatever stage of development your child is at, take time to celebrate your child’s “graduation” moments along the way.

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