ABA Therapy in Oregon

Autism affects millions of people all over the world, including many children. LEARN Behavioral is one of the most reliable providers of Oregon applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, with a few locations in the Portland Metro area. Get your child the treatment they need with ABA therapy from LEARN Behavioral.

Our Learning Centers and Offices

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      Comprehensive ABA Therapy Services

      Finding the best ABA therapy services starts with choosing the right provider. At LEARN, we use a comprehensive and contemporary approach to ABA therapy that delivers results. Our contemporary approach to Oregon ABA therapy means we use data and literature that’s backed by science to inform our treatment. We also tailor treatment to match your child’s needs, interests, and culture, keeping them engaged through every therapy session. Most importantly, we empower your family to act as partners in the ABA therapy process, which helps your child make even more progress.

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      Compassionate, Highly Trained Team

      When you’re choosing an ABA therapy provider, you want a compassionate team that will have the patience to work with your child and ensure they’re making progress. The team at LEARN consists of more than 30 PhDs, 500 BCBAs, and 4,000 BTs. Thanks to the large network of professionals at LEARN, we’re able to provide ABA therapy in more than 18 states — serving more than 5,000 children with autism each month. If you’re looking for a team of Oregon ABA therapy experts who are passionate and caring, you can’t go wrong with LEARN.