ABA Therapy in New Mexico

Children with autism often struggle with developing new skills and minimizing behaviors that interfere with growth and learning. With multiple locations in the Albuquerque area, we make it easier for families in New Mexico to get accessible applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy. See how LEARN can help your child improve and develop skills with New Mexico ABA therapy.

Our Learning Centers and Offices

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      Comprehensive ABA Therapy Services

      Our approach to ABA therapy sets us apart from other ABA therapy providers in New Mexico. LEARN believes in contemporary ABA therapy, which means we’re comfortable changing and adapting to new information. We use scientific data and literature to inform our treatment, changing our treatment to fit the latest ABA therapy best practices. We also get your family involved so you can act as our partners in ABA therapy. With customized treatment that aligns with your child’s needs, interests, and culture, we keep your child engaged and make sure they’re making progress throughout New Mexico ABA therapy.

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      Compassionate, Highly Trained Team

      Your child deserves the best treatment, and that’s exactly what we aim to provide with our team of compassionate, highly trained experts. Our team is made up of thousands of ABA therapy experts, from board certified behavior analysts to behavior technicians and even doctoral-level clinicians. We also have several BCBAs and PhDs in leadership positions, helping guide our ABA therapy services to deliver the best results. We know getting started with ABA therapy can be difficult for children with autism, so we take the time to get to know your child and provide treatment that works for them.