ABA Therapy in Maryland

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy can be a helpful resource for children with autism — especially if they’re struggling with problematic behaviors. With a handful of locations in Maryland, we provide accessible ABA therapy for families throughout the Old Line State. Find out how LEARN can help your child develop skills and eliminate problem behaviors.

Our Learning Centers and Offices

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      Comprehensive ABA Therapy Services

      Every provider has a different approach to Maryland ABA therapy even though the core principles are the same. At LEARN, we believe in contemporary ABA therapy that adapts and changes with the latest information. Our treatment is backed by data and literature, and we change the way we do things when new data or literature tells us it’s time. We also believe your family plays a crucial role in ABA therapy, so we empower you to help your child succeed through ABA therapy. We even take the time to customize our ABA therapy services to align with your child’s needs, interests, and culture.

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      Compassionate, Highly Trained Team

      When you’re looking for ABA therapy in Maryland, choosing the right provider is key. LEARN has a team filled with professionals who are highly trained and passionate about what they do for a living. We have a team that consists of more than 30 PhDs, 500 board certified behavior analysts, and 4,000 behavior technicians. As a result, we provide ABA therapy services for more than 5,000 children with autism on a monthly basis. With Learning Centers and ABA therapy providers across the country, LEARN makes ABA therapy more accessible for families everywhere.