ABA Therapy in Indiana

If your child has problematic behaviors or needs help developing skills, applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is one solution. LEARN is a leading provider of ABA therapy in Indiana with several locations, helping children with autism throughout the state. We make ABA therapy easy and accessible so your child can get the treatment they need.

Our Learning Centers and Offices

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      Comprehensive ABA Therapy Services

      Everyone has a different approach to ABA therapy, but LEARN believes in contemporary ABA therapy. That means we back our treatment up with evidence and the latest literature to make sure we’re doing things the right way. We get your family involved in ABA therapy because we believe you play an essential role in your child’s therapy. We even customize Indiana ABA therapy to align with your child’s needs, interests, and culture. Starting ABA therapy is a big step for children with autism, so we do our best to use a comprehensive approach that leads to results.

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      Compassionate, Highly Trained Team

      The team of professionals at LEARN is dedicated to providing the best ABA therapy services for children with autism. We have a huge team that includes thousands of behavior technicians, hundreds of board certified behavior analysts, and more than 30 doctoral-level professionals. Beyond academic qualifications, we also make sure our team members are compassionate and care about their work. The BTs and BCBAs your child works with determine the quality of care they get, so we believe in building a strong team. From leadership down to the people working one-on-one with your child, everyone at LEARN is passionate about ABA therapy.