Northville Learning Center: Specialized Autism Therapy in Southeastern Michigan

Total Spectrum is proud to announce the opening of the Northville Learning Center, where kids with autism can receive comprehensive and specialized therapy services.

The Northville Learning Center aims to create a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes learning, socialization, and independence. The center, located at 43334 West Seven Mile Road, Suite 200, officially opened on May 14 with a ribbon cutting and open house.

The center serves Northville and the surrounding areas in the southeastern part of Michigan, about 30 miles northwest of Detroit. It provides applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to help children with autism and other developmental concerns.

“We are one of four sister sites in the metro Detroit area of Michigan East,” said Erica Boreczky, the center’s assistant clinical director. “We have one in Northville, one in Livonia, one in Sterling Heights, and one in Ann Arbor. We’re really excited to be part of so many different communities supporting all of our families and those that need us the most — our kids that we serve.”

An Autism Learning Center That Contributes to a Successful Community

City leaders, including Northville Mayor Brian Turnbull and Northville Public Schools Superintendent RJ Webber, were on hand to help celebrate the opening, tour the center, and meet the staff.

“This center doing ABA in the way it is for families — for students who are incredibly talented and gifted in so many ways and just need some additional help in navigating this world and how important that is — is really near and dear to my heart,” said Webber, a lifelong educator.

“An arbiter of a successful community is how we take care of those who need help. And I’m very grateful that you’re here,” he said.

“We serve 7,000 kids in our district. And with the rise that we’ve seen in autism spectrum, we can argue about why,” Webber added. “To me, ‘Why?’ is a decent question to answer for prevention. But what I’m most concerned about today is: What do we do today to help people today? When people talk about ‘Why do you think kids are doing this?’ or ‘Why do you think kids are doing that?’ or ‘Why is mental health an issue now?’ Sure, I’ll have that conversation with you. But I get more excited about people like you all who come in here and want to do something today.”

Northville’s mayor echoed Webber’s sentiments.

“We’re here getting the community ready for the future,” Turnbull said. “And we’re so fortunate that you’ve decided to be here in Northville.”

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