Addressing Mental Health For Parents of Children with Special Needs

AllAutismTalk · Addressing Our Own Mental Health with Evelia Ilarraz, LCSW

Evelia is a compassionate, direct, and bilingual therapist who provides a nonjudgmental space to discover internal needs. Her practice is influenced by psychodynamic and strength-based perspectives. She is particularly skilled in working with people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, or tackling social justice issues and who are ultimately seeking the tools for self-empowerment. Evelia was born and raised in the Bay Area by immigrant parents. She is proud of her Spanish and Latinx heritage and incorporates her cultural lens into her work. Evelia’s commitment to the social work field has led her to work with undocumented families, immigrant detainees and students with learning disabilities. She is keen on working with clients with trauma and helping them to uncover how their bodies and minds store traumatic experiences.

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