ABA Therapy in Arkansas

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy can play a crucial role in the development of children with autism. Thanks to our team of experts in Arkansas, LEARN helps Arkansas families get children with autism the help they need. If your child is struggling academically or showing signs of behavioral problems, LEARN can help.

Our Learning Center and Offices

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      Comprehensive ABA Therapy Services

      At LEARN Behavioral, we believe in a comprehensive, contemporary approach to ABA therapy in Arkansas. Contemporary ABA therapy uses data and new developments in ABA therapy to provide the best treatment for every child. We also integrate fun into our ABA therapy services, allowing your child to learn and grow more naturally. We even take your child’s unique needs, interests, and culture into account to provide customized treatment. Your family is perhaps the most important aspect of our Arkansas ABA therapy — we strongly believe in empowering your family so you can be a partner in your child’s treatment.

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      Compassionate, Highly Trained Team

      Not all ABA therapy services are equal — and the experts your child works with play a key role. LEARN has spent several years building an extensive network of licensed professionals who can provide ABA therapy in Arkansas and several other states throughout the country. Our team consists of more than 500 BCBAs, 4,000 BTs, and more than 30 doctoral-level clinicians. Through compassionate leadership and careful cultivation, we’ve developed a highly trained team to make sure your child gets the treatment they need. You can visit our Leadership page to learn more about the individual leaders who make LEARN special.