Treatment That’s Close to Home

Our Home and Community Services take place in your child’s natural environment with a behavior technician (BT) working one-on-one with your child for a prescribed number of hours a week.

From the moment we start treatment, we serve as your teammate. In home-based sessions, we use your natural, routine activities to help your child build skills. That might mean helping them learn to brush their teeth, or toilet training, or another practical skill of daily living. A board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) will oversee your child’s treatment. 

Then, we’ll give you tools and training to continue to reach your child’s goals even when we’re not in the home.

When you’re ready, we can expand therapy into your community. We’ll go to places like your local library, park, restaurant, or grocery store. There, your child will practice age-appropriate activities of daily living. It could be things like learning how to check out a book at a library, wait in line at a store, or order at a restaurant. We’ll tailor activities that foster a sense of community.