What to Expect from Our Providers

Three Steps to Starting Treatment

Starting anything new can feel nerve racking, especially when it involves your child with autism. That’s why our team supports your journey from day one—and walks you through each step of what to expect. This includes everything from determining the services your child needs to learning about your insurance benefits and any out-of-pocket expenses. Here’s how it works:

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Determine the Services Your Child Needs

To start the process, simply call, email, or text one of our providers. It helps if you can have these on hand:  

  • The name of your child’s primary caregiver
  • The date of your child’s last evaluation
  • Any assessments or screenings already conducted, including any diagnostic reports (Note: if you don’t have a diagnosis, don’t worry—we might be able to help.)
  • Your health insurance card or information

When you speak to our team, we’ll explain and send you the paperwork you need to submit, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions. Our team can also contact your insurance company on your behalf, helping you navigate the complex insurance maze and maximize your benefits.

After you submit the necessary paperwork, we’ll reach out to let you know the services in which your child is eligible. We’ll also go over your costs and benefits, and schedule a time for one of our clinicians to assess your child.


ABA Assessment

What happens during an assessment? A member of our clinical team will conduct a series of playful evaluations that assess a broad range of communication, social, play, and daily living skills. As part of the assessment, our team will also talk to you about your family history, your child’s history, and other related background information.

After our team has time to consider the findings, we’ll use the results of the assessment to create a customized treatment plan that includes recommendations on:

  • initial goals and objectives
  • where therapy will take place and for how many hours each week
  • other goals for your child and family

Starting Services

Using the treatment plan as a guide, our team will start services with your child and get to know your family. One of our highly-trained behavior technicians (BTs) will work directly with your child on interventions designed to achieve specific goals, while our clinicians, in partnership with you, will fine-tune your child’s ABA services and treatment plan as therapy continues.

Roughly every six months, our team will conduct a formal review of your child’s treatment plan and work with you to further customize the plan to meet your child’s evolving interests and needs. 

So, there it is—our process broken down to three steps. We realize the process can feel daunting. But we want you to know we’re here for you, with a team of skilled professionals who want to help in any way possible.