Supporting Your Child Holistically

Offering an interdisciplinary team of specialists
While ABA therapy serves as the foundation of our programs, some children and young adults need additional support. Many of our locations offer specialized services or have partnerships with local providers to further support your child’s growth and development, including:

We specialize in the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the administration of several standardized assessment measures. If you suspect your child has ASD, our team can provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations.

Speech and Language Therapy
Building on the communication skills your child develops in ABA therapy, our speech-language pathologists provide direct treatment and evaluations in articulation, phonology, apraxia, fluency, and receptive, expressive, pragmatic/social language, and other speech-related areas.

Administered by licensed psychologists and counselors, our counseling services integrate play and help children and teens with executive function, emotional processing, social skills, anxiety, and depression. Some locations also offer family and couples therapy, in addition to life skills programs for teens and young adults.

Social Skills Groups
Knowing how to develop and maintain friendships and socialize at school and in the community are important life skills. Our Social Skills Groups take various forms, depending on your location, but focus on helping kids, teens, and young adults practice and improve social skills in a supportive, welcoming setting.

Teen and Adult Services
The teen and young adult years present unique opportunities as challenges, as individuals move into this new and often confusing developmental phase. Our programs for teens and young adults focus on areas like independence, navigating friendships and romantic relationships, and job readiness.

teleABA Services
teleABA offers your family an effective alternative to in-person services by providing ABA therapy via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Through a secure and easy virtual meeting, your BCBA can provide direct therapy and parent consultation remotely, helping your child learn new skills, avoid regression, and continue to make great strides in their progress.