Looking Ahead

In 2022 and beyond, one of LEARN’s primary goals is to foster opportunities for diverse candidates to start their career with LEARN and grow with us. Building upon the success of the National University cohort program, LEARN looks forward to helping staff further their education, creating prospects for them within─and outside of─LEARN. Additionally, we want to start to introduce diverse candidates to the field of ABA. We’ve begun to develop relationships that will begin to introduce ABA as a career to populations that might not be familiar. Populations we need to ensure we’re representing our clients. 

In fact, already this year, LEARN has introduced a guidance counselor email program, leveraging its All Autism Institute to provide free courses for high schoolers in certain areas. LEARN is also finalizing a partnership with a non-profit to help introduce high school students in underrepresented areas to LEARN and careers in ABA. 

Also, in 2022, LEARN’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) welcomed two new co-chairs. The goal is to provide the group with more structure to generate ideas and initiatives against LEARN’s five DEI pillars.  

Another focus in 2022 will be a deeper dive into neurodiversity, the concept that certain developmental disorders are normal variations in the brain, and that people who have these features also have certain strengths. LEARN is working on developing five pillars around neurodiversity, including acceptance of this concept, meeting their rights, needs and preferences, ensuring their safety, dignity and self-determination and access to interventions that benefit their lives. 

LEARN looks forward to continuing to update clients, staff and other stakeholders on what’s to come across LEARN as we continue on this DEI journey. Watch this space! 

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Thank You

LEARN is grateful to all staff who have participated in its DEI journey to date, in both formal and informal ways. A special thank you to those who took on leadership roles: